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Kim Kim (2023) Kim von BonBon EP  cover (2023)_photo by Fiona Aagaard.png
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1. Fanfare [2:18]
2. Sinrise [1:53]
3. En Gang Til [3:24]
4. En Gang Ti(Femmexy
Jammed Coin Slot Remix) [3:06]

length [10:21]
release date July 03 2023
cech records 2023

kimvonbonbon tracklist.jpg
Kim Kim (2023) En Gang Til single  cover (2023)_photo by Fiona Aagaard.png

This mini-EP contains the music made for my art exhibition "En! Gang! Til!" (One! More! Time!")
The exhibition is my creative collaboration with Kunsthal Rønnebæksholm and the Danish amusement park BonBon-Land.
BonBon-Land was my childhood paradise, and its freaky mascots made me feel like home.
If this release was an emoji it would be the moon emoji that is half lid up:

First part of the EP is the starry nightside, while the other half explodes in its sunny party-dayside.
As an extra little treat for you my music partner in crime Femmexy has done a remix of 'En gang til'.
Please enjoy this music, grab your good headphones, and let's GO.

- Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl AKA Kim Kim AKA Kim von BonBon <3

Production credits: Music by Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl
 / Wind chimes on track 1 by Tina-Marie Nielsen / Mixing & Mastering on track 1, 2 & 4 by Femmexy /
Mixing & Mastering on track 3 by Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl / Remix by Femmexy / Album covers and portraits by Fiona Aagaard

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