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1. Entrance [3:25]
2. Nullergøj [2:37]
3. Skinettas [2:32]
4. Stalagmit [2:18]
5. Torch [0:52]
6. Swine [2:35]
7. Lilies Glow [0:56]
8. Altar for Worms [2:25]
9. Endwall [5:12]
10. Hahaha [2:03]
11. Sunrays [3:25]
12. Hour of Moth [5:18]

length [33:34]
release date May 26 2022
cech records

Skærmbillede 2021-02-16 kl. 13.14.09.png
kim richard adler mejdahl_liljegrotten (lilith grotto)_psalm machine 3.png
kim richard adler mejdahl_liljegrotten (lilith grotto)_doomsdaydrummer 1.png
kim richard adler mejdahl_liljegrotten (lilith grotto)_psalm machine 5.png
Kim Kim Liljegrotten 2022 (10).Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen.png
Kim Kim Liljegrotten 2022 (7).Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen.png
kim richard adler mejdahl_liljegrotten (lilith grotto)_lilies.png

Liljegrotten is the sophomore album release by Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl, made out of sound recordings created by nearly thousand anonymous people visting Mejdahl's solo exhibition Liljegrotten (Lilith Grotto) at Overgaden, Copenhagen (2020-2021). At the show visitors were invited to interact with three instrument pieces that now constitute the album: Psalm Machine (strings), Orallyn (vocals), and Doomsdaydrummer (beats).

With a turn toward the collective effort, Mejdahl explores our changing relationship to nature in the face of climate changes and ask if humans are in fact starting to understand nature as a monster instead of a material resource. Liljegrotten is a spiritual trip through a cave where human turns to animal. Heavy metal psalms -- a church concert performed by witches. This is is the sound of the old world clashing with the new world

Production credits: All tracks generated by audio recordings made by anonymous exhibition guests between November 27 2020 - May 16 2021 at Overgaden, Copenhagen. This excepts track 12 featuring the song from video piece Hour of Moth (Etude no. II), which was part of the exhibition as a piece of inspiration for vistors' own music making / Music composed by Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl / Mixed by Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl / Mastered by Enyang Urbiks - Urbiks Music / Psalm Machine constructed and designed by George Koutsouris / Cover art contains still image from Hour of Moth (Etude no. II) by Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl / Exhibition documentation on this page by Anders Sune Berg / Artist photos on this page by Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen.
THANK YOU Danish Arts Foundation and KODA for support, Overgaden for nesting, Toke Martins for technique, Simon Reinhardt for stop motion, George Koutsouris for hell strings, Line Finderup Jensen for SFX, Morten Jensen for camera, Dark Matters for lightning and Henriette Ebbesen for photographs. Henriette Sennenvaldt, Tori Wrånes, and SØS Gunver Ryberg, my three masters of art.

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